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Volume 17, Number 1, May 2000

Art, perception and information processing: an evolutionary perspective

Derek Hodgson (United Kingdom)

With Comments
by Robert G. Bednarik, John L. Bradshaw, Paul Faulstich,
Sylvia Fein, John Feliks, Elery Hamilton-Smith and Andrew Sherratt; and
author's Reply

Bon rock paintings at gNam mtsho: glimpses of the ancient religion of
northern Tibet

John Vincent Bellezza (U.S.A.)

Spencer and Gillen's contribution to Australian rock art studies

R. G. Gunn (Australia)

Brief Reports

'Archaeologically dated Palaeolithic rock art' at Fariseu, Ca valley
Fariseu rock art not archaeologically dated
(Mila Simes de Abreu and Robert G. Bednarik)
Symposia of the Third AURA Congress


Third AURA Congress  -  Short Field Trips Program  -  Additional major
field trips

Response to the Cairns Declaration: a code of ethics for AURA (Noelene Cole
and Graeme K. Ward)

Notes  -  Forthcoming events  -  New AURA members

IFRAO Report No. 24

IFRAO: the first dozen years  -  New IFRAO members  -  Fifth International
Rock Art Symposium, Bolivia, September 2000  -  Skopje 2002 

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