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BottonVolume 15, Number 2, November 1998


Patterned hand prints: a unique form from central Australia

R. G. Gunn (Australia)

Mobiliary art from the Late Epipalaeolithic of the Negev, Israel

A. N. Goring-Morris (Israel)

New Palaeolithic cave art in Cueva de el Pendo, Cantabrian Region, Spain

Ramón Montes Barquín, Juan Sanguino González, Antonio J. Gómez Laguna and Carlos G. Luque (Spain)

Searching for hidden images: rock art geography in Stjørdal, Trøndelag, Norway

Kalle Sognnes and Anne Haug (Norway)

The impact of fossils on the development of visual representation

John Feliks (U.S.A.). With Comments by Robert G. Bednarik, John L. Bradshaw, Elery Hamilton-Smith and Lawrence Guy Straus; and author’s Reply

RAR Debates

Fishing in the Sahara (Barbara E. Barich)

‘Where are the fish?’: piscatorial representations in central Saharan and Egyptian rock art (Dirk Huyge)

Footnote on the technology of petroglyphs (R. G. Bednarik)


The Third AURA Congress — Some of the symposia at the Third AURA Congress — Rock art and ecological knowledge — Dating rock art — Epistemology and rock art research — News of the World II - IRAC 2000: Call for posters — Forthcoming events — New AURA members

IFRAO Report No. 21

‘Crossing frontiers’: IRAC 1998, Vila Real, Portugal — Symposium rationales, IRAC 1999: Calls for papers — Semiotics, signs, symbols and mysticism in rock art — Computer technology as an aid to rock art research, site management and education — Landscape, place and rock art — The human figure in rock art — Arte rupestre de Sudamerica: Estudo actual

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