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BottonVolume 14, Number 2, November 1997


A Middle Palaeolithic engraved artefact from Qafzeh Cave, Israel.

Erella Hovers (Israel), Bernard Vandermeersch (France) and Ofer Bar-Yosef (U.S.A.)

Fight or dance? Ceremony and the spearthrower in northern Australian rock art

David M. Welch (Australia)

Authentication of rock art in the Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia

Bryce Barker, Katharine Sale and Alan Watchman (Australia)

Rock art, occupation and myth. The correspondence of symbolic and archaeological sites within Arrernte rock art complexes of central Australia

R. G. Gunn (Australia)

‘Crossing frontiers’. IRAC 1998 and ‘98 IFRAO Meeting

Rock Art Bytes

Digitised recording of petroglyphs in Poesia Cave, Italy

D. Bertani, A. Capanni, M. Cetica, L. Pezzati and C. Pagliara (Italy)

RAR Debates

Minor reservations (N. Chandramouli)

Daraki-Chattan: an important site (Robert G. Bednarik)

Future research at Daraki-Chattan (Giriraj Kumar)


With contributions by Ian J. McNiven and Claire Smith

Recent books of interest — Recent papers of interest


Making a Mark: AURA Inter-Congress Symposium 1998 — Other forthcoming events —

The 1997 SIARB rock art congress — New AURA members

IFRAO Report No. 19

1999 International Rock Art Congress: Ripon, Wisconsin, U.S.A., 23 - 31 May 1999 — The IFRAO Home Page — Activity reports: Cooperativa Archeologica ‘Le Orme dell’Uomo’, Mid-America Geographic Foundation


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