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Volume 17, Number 2, November 2000


Surface structure analysis of runic inscriptions on rock. A method for
distinguishing between individual carvers

Laila Kitzler (Sweden)

Rapa Nui cupules: voices of a disintegrating society?

Maarten van Hoek (Holland)

Central Australian rock art: a second report

R.  G. Gunn (Australia)

RAR Debates

An artist's perspective (Brian Langevad)

Consciousness, art and communication (Michael Eastham)

Hand grip or art: tribal or individual? (David M. Welch)

Reply to David M. Welch (Daniel Kaufman)

Brief Reports

Earliest known Historical rock art in Australia (Robert G. Bednarik)

Lichenometry and rock art (Robert G. Bednarik)

RAR Review

Book reviews by Bruno David, Robert G. Bednarik and M. J. Rowland
Recent rock art journals  -  Recent books of interest  -  Recent papers of


The Third AURA Congress: a personal view (Jack Steinbring)  -  Participants
of the Third AURA Congress  -  Letters to the Editor  -  Fifth International
Rock Art Symposium in Bolivia  -  Notes  -  Forthcoming events
Rock Art Glossary

IFRAO Report No. 25

The IFRAO Code of Ethics  -  Commentary  -  Minutes of the 2000 IFRAO
Business Meeting, Alice Springs, Australia

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