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BottonVolume 14, Number 1, November 1997

The distribution of cup-and-ring motifs along the Atlantic seabord of Europe
Maarten van Hoek (Holland)
AMS radiocarbon age estimates for early rock paintings in the Kimberley,
N.W. Australia: preliminary results
A. L. Watchman, G. L. Walsh,
M. J. Morwood and C. Tuniz (Australia)
Obituary: Professor John Halverson
The role of Pleistocene beads in documenting hominid cognition
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)
Ostrich eggshell beads in southern Africa H. C. Woodhouse (South Africa)

The International Rock Art Database Project
Henry Walt, Bruno David, John Brayer and Chris Musello (U.S.A./Australia)
The Alta Conference on Rock Art (ACRA II)

RAR Debates
From Hell to Inferno (Bjarne Stig Hansen)
Unfair criticism of Peterborough project (Bruce Ford)
Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing? (P. G. Bahn, R. G. Bednarik and J. Steinbring)
Phillip V. Tobias Essay Competition No. 7, 1997/1998 (H. C. Woodhouse)

Brief Reports
The message stick: an anecdote (Michael Pickering)
An unexpected spectacular find (Jan Jelnek)

Reviews & Abstracts
With contributions by Andre Rosenfeld and R. G. Bednarik
Membrane and numb brain: a close look at a recent claim for
shamanism in Palaeolithic art (Paul G. Bahn)
Recent books of interest — Recent papers of interest

Minutes of the 1997 AURA Meeting — ‘Crossing frontiers’:
IRAC 1998 and ’98 IFRAO Meeting — Other forthcoming events — Notices

IFRAO Report No. 18
Minutes of the 1997 IFRAO Meeting — An evaluation of rock art
conservation practices at Foz Ca, northern Portugal (B. K. Swartz, Jr.)
An investigation of the Portuguese government policies on the management of
the Foz Ca sites (B. K. Swartz, Jr.)

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