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Volume 18, Number 2, November 2001

When rock art comes into being: on the recognition and acceptance of new

Kalle Sognnes (Norway)
With Comments by Robert G. Bednarik, J. B. Dergowski, Knut Helskog,
Gro Mandt, Eva Walderhaug Saetersdal; and author's Reply

The taphonomy of beeswax figures

Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

The stepped 'diamond' in Andean rock art

Maarten van Hoek (Netherlands)

From real to abstract or vice versa-material culture and cultural beliefs

Talia Shay (Israel)

A new service for Australian members of AURA

Visitor books and visitor numbers in the Grampians National Park

R. G. Gunn (Australia)

Brief Reports

Batu Tulis: a petroglyph site in west Java, Indonesia (Tony Djubiantono,
Mike J. Morwood and Agus)

An Acheulian figurine from Morocco (Robert G. Bednarik)

RAR Review

Book reviews by Alan Watchman and M. J. Rowland

Recent rock art journals - Recent books of interest - Recent papers of


Announcing AURANET  -  Special service for AURA members  -  passion (Miriel
Lenore)  -  WAC Inter-Congress  -  La Conservation de l'Art Préhistorique
Letters to the Editor  -  Forthcoming events  -  Note

IFRAO Report No. 27

International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences motion for
the Guadiana rock art in Portugal  -  Response by the Director of the
Instituto Português de Arqueologia  -  IFRAO Congress Venue Commission
New IFRAO members  -  Fezzan, Libya: conflict between oil field
development and rock art (Friedrich Berger)
IFRAO Standard Scale reprinted  -  Progress report of the EIP
Project-November 2001

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