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BottonVolume 15, Number 1, May 1998


Possible representations of Palaeolithic fish-traps in Upper Egyptian rock art

Dirk Huyge (Belgium). With Comments by Friedrich Berger, Achilles Gautier and Jean-Loc Le Quellec; and author’s Reply

Effect of water on Lower Pecos River rock paintings in Texas

Elmo J. Mawk and Marvin W. Rowe (U.S.A.)

Sex, lies and symbolic behaviour

M. J. Morwood (Australia)

The technology of petroglyphs

Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

Composition and source of dust on Split Rock paintings, Australia

Alan Watchman (Australia)

A multivariate approach to characterise the groove shape of the linear parts of petroglyphs

Franco Urbani (Venezuela)

RAR Debates

Shamanism and Upper Palaeolithic art: a response to Bahn (J. D. Lewis-Williams and J. Clottes)


With contributions by Bruno David, Jack Steinbring and Robert G. Bednarik

Recent rock art journals

Recent books of interest

Recent papers of interest


Minutes of the 1998 AURA Meeting — ‘Making a mark’: the AURA Inter-Congress Symposium 1998 — ‘Crossing frontiers’, Portugal, calls for papers — 1999 International Rock Art Congress IFRAO-ARARA-MAGF, call for session proposals — Rock art education symposium 1999, call for papers — AURA 2000, the Third AURA Congress —

Forthcoming events — Notices

IFRAO Report No. 20

‘Crossing frontiers’: International Rock Art Congress 1998 and ’98 IFRAO Meeting, Portugal

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