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BottonVolume 13, Number 1, May 1996

What to do on a rainy day: reminiscences of Mirriuwung and Gadjerong
artists Ken Mulvaney (Australia)

A review of the theory and assumptions in the AMS dating of the Foz Ca
petroglyphs, Portugal Alan Watchman (Australia)

Analysis of white pigments from the Olary region, South Australia
E. J. Mawk, M. F. Nobbs and M. W. Rowe (U.S.A. and Australia)

Daraki-Chattan: a Palaeolithic cupule site in India Giriraj Kumar (India)

RAR Debates
Who's right? Whose right? By Margaret Bullen (Australia)
An Australian perspective of the Peterborough project by N. Franklin (Australia)
Conservation, intervention or destruction of rock art? By A.-S. Hygen (Norway)
Structure protects rock art by I. N. M. Wainwright (Canada)
Peer review of massive intervention by P. G. Bahn, R. G. Bednarik and J.
Steinbring (U.K., Australia, U.S.A.)
An Aboriginal perspective of J. B. Deregowski's article by L. Bursill (Australia)
Response to Les Bursill's Comment by J. B. Deregowski (U.K.)
Ca debate required by M. Leigh Marymor (U.S.A.)
Ca debated at last! By R. G. Bednarik (Australia)
Comment on 'The row and the circle' by R. G. Bednarik (Australia)
Reply to Bednarik by Hermione Kechagia (Greece)
A further Comment on Kechagia's paper by A. A. Faradjev (Russia)

Brief Reports
Human nature and rock art production, by Clement W. Meighan (U.S.A.)
Further rationales for symposia of the International SIARB Congress in 1997

Reviews & Abstracts
With contribution by Matthias Strecker, Claire Smith and R. G. Bednarik
Recent rock art journals

Rock art dating workshop, SARARA 1996, Namibia Symposium 'Rock art
and zoology', SARARA 1996, Namibia Forthcoming events

IFRAO Report No. 16
Minutes of the 1995 IFRAO Meeting, Turin, Italy NEWS95 International
Rock Art Congress New IFRAO members: Mid-America, Moscow Centre,
StoneWatch, Verein Anisa

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