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BottonVolume 16, Number 2, November 1999


Radiocarbon analyses of rock paintings: Hueco Tanks, Texas

Marian Hyman, Kay Sutherland, Marvin W. Rowe, Ruth Ann Armitage and John R. Southon (U.S.A.)

The analysis of scan sequences embedded in Palaeolithic parietal images

Michael Eastham (United Kingdom)

With Comments by John L. Bradshaw, J. B. Deregowski, Andrée Rosenfeld and Ann Sieveking; and author’s Reply

A unique engraved object from the Epipalaeolithic of Israel

Daniel Kaufman (Israel)

Pre-Historic open-air rock art in Galicia, north-west Spain: characteristics and principal iconography

Roberto Vázquez Rozas (Spain)

Brief Reports

‘Bradshaws’ — an eastern province? Paul S. C. Taçon, Ken Mulvaney,

Richard Fullagar and Lesley Head (Australia)

Obituary on Wadi Sora? Friedrich Berger (Germany)

RAR Review

With contributions by R. G. Bednarik

Recent rock art journals — Recent books of interest — Recent papers of interest


Third AURA Congress — Call for papers: the symposia of the Third AURA

Congress — Congress field trips — Moroccan Association for the Protection

of the Rupestrian Heritage — 5th International Rock Art Symposium, Bolivia, September 2000 — Forthcoming events

IFRAO Report No. 23

Proceedings of the 1995 International Rock Art Congress, Turin — IRAC ‘99: A few words from the organiser (Jack Steinbring) — The Third AURA Congress — Field trips — Events — Registration — Further information


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