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Volume 18, Number 1, May 2001

Rock paintings - wall paintings: new light on art tradition in central Asia

Zbigniew Jasiewicz and Andrzej Rozwadowski (Poland)

Identification of minerals in pigments from Aboriginal rock art in the Laura
and Kimberley regions, Australia

I. Ward, A. Watchman, N. Cole and M. Morwood (Australia)

Dating the rock art of Vanuatu: AMS radiocarbon determinations from
abandoned mud-wasp nests and charcoal pigment found in superimposition

Meredith Wilson, Matthew Spriggs and Ewan Lawson (Australia)
CARA launched

The geoglyph of La Rueda del Indio, Chirgua, Venezuela

Bernardo Urbani and Franco Urbani (Venezuela)

Cultural images: the petroglyphs of a sandstone quarry, Helen Springs,
Northern Territory, Australia

Ken Mulvaney (Australia)

Brief Reports

Pilbara petroglyphs dated (Robert G. Bednarik)

Mineralogical and chemical analyses of an ochred rock, Ngarrabullgan Cave
(N. Qld, Australia)  (Rosemary Goodall and Bruno David)

New group of rock art sites in Spain: the petroglyphs of Manzenez Mill
(Alconchel, Badajoz)  (Hipólito Collado Giraldo)


Report on the AURA 2000 Kimberley Tour with David Welch  -  Re-opening
of Tandjesberg San Rock Art National Monument  -  Course of specialisation
in pre-Historic and tribal art
Letters to the Editor  -  Forthcoming events  - Notes  -  New AURA members

IFRAO Report No. 26

Rock art discovery in the Alqueva dam zone of the river Guadiana in Spain
and Portugal (Mila Simões of Abreu)  -  IFRAO International Workshop on
Conservation and Documentation, Tanzania (Fidelis Masao)  -IRAC 2002 (Dushko
Aleksovski)  -  IFRAO-Brepols  -  The Early Indian
Petroglyphs Project (Robert G. Bednarik)

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