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International Exhibition SIBERIAN ROCK ART
Archaeology, Interpretation and Conservation


Organization: CeSMAP - Centro Studi e Museo d’Arte Preistorica -

Study Centre and Museum of Prehistoric Art of Pinerolo, Italy.

with the auspicies: SAPAR, Siberian Association for Prehistoric Art Research;

IFRAO, International Federation of Rock Art Organizations.

CeSMAP is Founding Member of the IFRAO, Italian National Representative and UNESCO Liaison Office.

International Rock Art Mission in Siberia, August 1998:

Dario Seglie, Daniel Seglie, CeSMAP, Pinerolo, Italy;

Enrico Comba, University of Turin, Italy;

Paul Bahn, Archaeologist, Hull, UK;

Miklos Erdy, Orientalist, New York, USA;

O. Winston (Bud) Hampton, Museum of Colorado, Estes Park, USA;

Will Schaleben, Journalist – TV, Boulder, Colorado, USA;

Alice M. Tratebas, Bureau of Land Management, New Castle, Wyoming, USA;

Pieter Jolly, University of Cape Town, South Africa;

Natalie Franklin, Cultural Heritage Branch, Brisbane, Australia;

Andrej Varenov, Academy of Science, Novosibirsk, Russia.

Russian Scholars involved: Jakov Sher, SAPAR President, University of Kemerovo, Dean; Elena Miklashevich, SAPAR, University of Kemerovo; Dmitri Cheremisin, Academy of Science, Novosibirsk; Elena Barinova, SAPAR, Kemerovo; Vladimir A. Semenov, Academy of Science, St. Petersburg; Marina E. Kilunovskaya, Academy of Science, St. Petersburg; Galina Martynova and Anatoly Martinov, Museum – Preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa; Katja and Marianna Devlet, Academy of Science, Moscow; Andrej V. Shapovalov, Regional Study Museum, Novosibirsk. 

Editor: Dario Seglie;

Scientific Co-ordinators: Enrico Comba, Dario Seglie;

Exhibition Co-ordinators: Daniel Seglie, Roberto Seglie, Piero Ricchiardi, CeSMAP of Pinerolo;

Layout Exhibition: Tere Grindatto;

Layout Catalogue: Daniel Seglie;

Edition Co-operators and Set-up: Nadia Marcello, Elena Carano,, Ambra Messa, Andrea Ribet, Roberta Terracini, Museum Didactic Dept.;

Video: Will Schaleben;

Translations: Paul Bahn, Nadia Marcello, Ambra Messa, Enzo Secondo;

CeSMAP/IFRAO Internet Station: Andrea Ribet;

Acknowledgements: Jakov Sher, SAPAR President, University of Kemerovo, Russia; Aman G. Tuleev, Governor, Republic of Khakassia; Elena Miklashevich, SAPAR, University of Kemerovo; Costanzo Allione, Centro Studi Sciamanici Siberiani, Santhią, Italy; Anne-Catherine Weltč, Museum of Toulouse;

Foreign Office and Cultural Heritage Ministry, Rome; Italian Embassy in Moscow; Piedmont Region and Turin Province Authorities; Pinerolo Authorities.

The Exhibition is the result of a close international co-operation carried out in Siberia in the 1998, in occasion of the Kemerovo International Prehistoric Art Congress, August 1998, centred on the study of Rock Art in Southern Siberia.

After Pinerolo, the Exhibition will touring in the world.


The Exhibition is available for University, Museums, Institutions

Info: e-mail : CeSMAP@cesmap.it - fax +39 0121 75547 - phone +39 0121 794382



"SIBERIAN ROCK ART –Archaeology, Interpretation and Conservation ", the exhibition presented on this bilingual catalogue is an event of considerable importance: an overview of the Archaeology and Shamanism in the Siberian Rock Art , a country in the earth of Asia with Its caracteristic steppa and taiga, and a valuable legacy of priceless and splendidly beautiful petroglyphs.

The exhibition is the result of the international scientific expedition carried out during the International Prehistoric Art Conference in Kemerovo, Russia, August,1998. Under the patronage of IFRAO, the International Federation of Rock Art Organizations, and SAPAR – Siberian Association Prehistoric Art Research, the expedition was attended by participants from Italy, Australia, South Africa, U.S.A, U.K., France and Russia.

The exhibition was co-ordinated, planned and set up by CeSMAP (Centro Studi e Museo d’Arte Preistorica - Prehistoric Art Research Centre and Museum) based in Pinerolo, Italy, under the supervision of the Museum Director, prof. Dario Seglie, IFRAO Italian Representative and Federation Delegate at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

The Italian edition of the exhibition - which will be travelling to other countries and will be set up in the museums and research centres that were involved in the expedition and contributed the photographs on display - is being hosted in one of Pinerolo’s most exclusive buildings, the Church of St. Augustin. 

I would like to thank the international, national and local Authorities, and the CeSMAP team, for having organised this cultural event, and I am particularly grateful to the scholars who - by converging from the farthest corners of the world to travel the steppa and taiga of Siberia - helped to set up a fascinating and significant exhibition that takes us to the remotest times in Asia’s history.

The Mayor of Pinerolo, Italy
Prof. Alberto Barbero 




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Info: e-mail : CeSMAP@cesmap.it - fax +39 0121 75547 - phone +39 0121 794382
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