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AFRICAN PICTOGRAMS Namibia Archaeology and Rock Art

Organization: CeSMAP - Study Centre and Museum of Prehistoric Art of Pinerolo
with the auspicies: SARARA, Southern African Rock Art Research Association, Namibia; IFRAO, International Federation of Rock Art Organizations

CeSMAP is Founding Member of the IFRAO, Italian National Representative and UNESCO Liaison Office. President: Piero Ricchiardi;

International Archaeological Mission in Namibia, august 1996:
CeSMAP, Pinerolo, Italy: Dario Seglie, Daniel Seglie, Tere Grindatto;
University of Buenos Aires, Argentina: Isabel Pereda, Victor Funes;
Physical and Tactygraphical Institute of Berne, Switzerland: Léo Dubal, Monique Larrey;
Aberdeen University, , Scotland: Jan Deregowski;
University of Muncie, USA: Ben K. Swartz Jr.;
Museum of Man, San Diego, USA: James Royle.

Exhibition Co-ordinators: Dario Seglie, Daniel Seglie, Roberto Seglie, CeSMAP of Pinerolo;
Set up: Elena Carano, Chiara Drago, Manuela Olibano, Paola Romero;
Edition Co-operators: Andrea Ribet, Nadia Marcello, Marta Castellano, Roberto Chiaramello, Elena Fossat, Nicoletta Losano, Alessandro Mastrocicco, Alessandro Pulizzi, Silvia Richiardone, Stefania Seglie, Roberta Terracini, Museum Didactic Dept.
San (Bushmen) finds collection: Alberto Salza;
African Pictograms - Namibia Rock Art - Video (30'): Léo Dubal;
Wilderness Photos: Giorgio Vergnano, Namibia, 1991.
Layout : Tere Grindatto;
Lighting: Alberto Cogno ,Giorgio Dell'Erba;
CeSMAP Internet Station: Ennio Bonansone, Fabio Forneron;
Acknowledgements: Foreign Affair; Cultural Heritage Ministry, Piedmont Region, Turin Province

- Period: 31 August - 28 September, 1997
- Place: Senate Palace of the Acaja Princes (XIV Cent.), Pinerolo, Italy
- Opening: 31 August, 11,45 h.
- Info: e-mail CeSMAP@cesmap.it - fax +39 121 75547 - phone +39 121 794382


The Exhibition is the result of a close international co-operation carried out in Namibia in the 1996, in occasion of the Swakopmund International Rock Art Congress, August 97, centred on the study of Rock Art in the North-West of the African Country.
Particularly was surveyed the archaeological sites of the Namib Desert and savannah and the Rock Art site of the Brandberg, Erongo Mountains, Twyfelfontein and Spitzkuppe, this last partially destroyed by granite mining.
The Namibian Rock Art is very important for the history of the Africa: is dated between 5000 and 2000 years ago.
After Pinerolo, the Exhibition will touring in Europe and America, and finally, in Africa, Namibia.

"The Exhibition is available for University, Museums and Institutions."