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Study Centre and Museum of Prehistoric Art
Centro Studi e Museo d'Arte Preistorica
director Dario Seglie

Via Giolitti 1 - 10064 Pinerolo - Italia

Tel: +39 0121794382

- Fax: +39 012175547 -

E-mail: cesmap@cesmap.it
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The 40th Anniversary of the CeSMAP Foundation (1964-2004)

and the Centenary of the inaugural President Cesare Giulio Borgna's birthday (1904-2004)




Information about CeSMAP

CeSMAP, the Study Centre and Museum of Prehistoric Art, was established in 1964 and it is one of the field's most important institutions in Europe.
Research led by CeSMAP has considered two different fields: the pre-historic spiritual sphere throughout the millennia, as expressed in rock art, and the evolution of pre- and proto-historic culture in the archaeological, climatic and environmental context of the European Western Alps, as a result of surveys and excavations, from the Upper Palaeolithic Age to the Historic Time.

The rock art missions of the CeSMAP cover all the continents and the international rock art collections of the Museum of Prehistoric Art of Pinerolo, Italy, are unique in the world in representing this phenomenon.
CeSMAP produces "SURVEY", an annual international journal on rock art and cognitive archaeology, bulletin of the IFRAO, sent to many countries (700 exchanges).
Its contents are listed by the UNESCO-ICOM Documentation Centre; other publications are catalogues and occasional monographs and papers. The specialized library of the CeSMAP, open for scholars and students, owns over 15,000 volumes.

CeSMAP has been decorated with the EU-European Union Culture Award 1991 for its long ralph lauren australia scientific and cultural commitment. It promotes congresses, exhibitions on rock art and on archaeology, anthropology, didactic aids, educational and museum events.

CeSMAP is a founding member of the IFRAO, International Federation of Rock Art Organizations, is the IFRAO Italian Representative and IFRAO-UNESCO Liaison Office; is an ICOM member and a member of UISPP, the International Union of Pre and Proto-historic Science. The Internet web site of the CeSMAP officially hosts the IFRAO Web page.


The IFRAO - International Federation of Rock Art Organisations Official Web Site is managed by CeSMAP