The 40th Anniversary of the CeSMAP Foundation (1964 - 2004)

and the Centenary of the President Cesare

Giulio Borgna’s birthday (1904 - 2004)




CeSMAP, Study Centre and Museum, IFRAO Italian Representative and UNESCO Liaison Office, in conjunction with the City of Pinerolo,

the ANPI, the Ministry of Culture, Education and Foreign Affairs;

the Archaeological Superintendence of Piedmont,

the Piedmont Region, the Torino's Province,

the UNESCO, the IFRAO,

the UISPP, the Val Camonica's Mountain Community,

the Mountain Communities of the Pinerolo area and other Organizations and Institutions, wishes to celebrate its 40th Anniversary in memory of

Mr. Cesare Giulio Borgna,

Inaugural President and founder of the CeSMAP

Study Centre and Museum of Prehistoric Art, Civic Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology of Pinerolo.

Borgna was Partisan Commanding Officer in Valcamonica during the Resistance, Member of Torino's CLN (National Liberty Committee), Vice-Major during the first Civic Administration of Pinerolo in the post-war period, archaeologist and specialist in prehistoric art at an international level. The centennial of his birth falls in 2004.

To celebrate this occasion we intend to hold an international congress and round-table conference, under the patronage of the Piedmont Region's Governor, Enzo Ghigo.

A catalogue and publications of proceedings are expected to address the theme "Saving rock art: Protection and study of the world's most endangered rock art sites", as well as an Exhibition on this issue.

The Exhibition will be dedicated also to the person and the work of Mr. Cesare Giulio Borgna, Inaugural President and founder of CeSMAP.

The International Congress - Round Table, which will be held in the Main Hall of Pinerolo's Municipal Palace, will take place on Saturday, 23 and Sunday, 24 October 2004.

The Exhibition will be set up in the Salone dei Cavalieri, Viale Giolitti 7 - Pinerolo,

will be opened on Sunday, 23 of October and will continue till 12 December 2004.

The main scholars who will participate in the event with their reports are:

Dr. Damir Dijakovic, Office Director of UNESCO: "The UNESCO's role in the preservation of humanity's cultural heritage"

Prof. Luiz Oosterbeek, Director of the Prehistoric Service at Tomar's Polytechnic, Portugal, and UISPP - UNESCO's Director: "The National Park of Foz Coa in Portugal, problems and preservation of rock art"

Dr. Annie Echassoux, Director of the Laboratoire de Préhistoire of Nice and of Tende's Merveilles Museum, France: "Mount Bego and the rock art in the French Maritime Alps: natural and anthropic decay"

Dr. Marina Sapelli Ragni, Archaeological Superintendent of Piedmont

Dr. Filippo Gambari, Director: "The preservation and exploitation problems of rock art in the Western Alps"

Robert Bednarik, IFRAO President, Australia: "Safeguarding the rock art in Dampier Archipelago, Australia: an Aboriginal heritage in danger"

Dr. Abdelkalek Lemjidi, INSAP, Morocco and Prof. Dario Seglie, CeSMAP, Pinerolo, Co-Directors of the National Park Project of Jebel Sarhro, Morocco: "Rock art between the Atlas mountains and the Sahara desert: a difficult preservation, a necessary exploitation"

Dr. Mario Lazarovich, Director of the Cultural Heritage Office, Ministry of Culture, Salta, Argentina: "The Cerro de Guachipas, a sacred mountain between prehistory and Inca period"

Prof. Jakov Sher, Kemerovo University, Siberia, Russia: "Rock art in the Siberian steppe between Ob and Yenisey rivers: a richness to know and to safeguard"

Dr. George Dimitriadis, HERAC Director, Rock Art Hellenic Centre, Philippi, Greece: "Before Classic Greece: the prehistoric rock art in the Hellenic Peninsula"

Dr. Angelo Ardovino, Archaeological Superintendent of Lombardy

Dr. Raffaella Poggiani, Inspector of the Archaeological Superintendence of Lombardy: "The preservation and exploitation problems of rock art in Valcamonica"

Prof. Francesco Fedele, Director of the Section and Museum of Anthropology, Napoli University: "The Archaeological Park of Ossimo, Valcamonica"

Dr. Piero Pruneti, Director of the Review Archeologia Viva: "Cultural heritage and mass media: between popularisation and safeguard"


The Round Table Chair

Dr. Maurizio Menicucci, journalist, RAI-TV


At the Congress - Round Table will be also present the representatives of the main museums and archaeological organizations of the alpine territory (Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia).

The event will take place during the days 22, 23, 24, 25 of October 2004

in Pinerolo, with this preliminary program:


Friday 22 October: field trip of the congress participants to the main archaeological sites in the area of Pinerolo;

Saturday 23 October: Opening of the International Congress - Round Table and opening address of the Regional, Provincial and Local authorities. Commemoration of Mr. Cesare Giulio Borgna.

Starting of the Round table with scientific session.

Sunday 24 October: continuation of the scientific session.

Monday 25 October: closing of the event.


The Exhibition "Saving rock art: Protection and study of the world's most endangered rock art sites" and "Cesare Giulio Borgna, protagonist of the Resistance, scholar and pioneer in archaeology and culture", polo ralph lauren australia set up in the Salone dei Cavalieri, Viale Giolitti 7, Pinerolo, will be formed by documentation and finds coming from the main international sites in danger and from the museum's collections. Opening: Saturday 23 October 2004, 18 o'clock. Schedule: Friday - Saturday 16:30 - 19:30; Sunday 10:30 - 12:30 and 16:30 - 19:30; guided visits and didactic activities for schools and groups.


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