International Prehistoric Art Conference
3-8 August 1998 Kemerovo, Russia

Rock Art of Sacks,
Cholpon-Ata, Kemerovo, Siberia, Russia
(recorded by Elena Miklashevich)

Dear colleague,
and the Museum-Preserve "TOMSKAYA PISANITSA"
on 3 - 8 August 1998 in Kemerovo, RUSSIA

The objective of this congress will be to focus on current problems in prehistoric art studies: modern field and laboratory research methods, theoretical and historical analysis, chronology, semantic interpretation, preservation and presentation.

The Academic Committee :

Dr Z. Abramova, Dr P. G. Bahn, R. Bednarik, Dr J. Clottes, Dr M.,Devlet, Dr. E. Devlet, Dr H.-P. Francfort, Dr. N. Franklin,
Dr J.-C.Gardin, Dr E. Jacobson, Dr. M. Khuzhanazarov, Dr V. Kubarev, N.,Leontjev, Dr M. Lorblanchet, Prof. Dr A. Martynov, Dr G. Martynova, E. Miklashevich, Dr V. Molodin, Dr V. Ranov, Dr D. Sacchi, Dr Z., Samashev, Prof. Dr D. Savinov,
Prof. Dr D. Seglie, Prof. Dr J. Sher, Dr O. Sovetova, Dr K.Tashbaeva, Dr A. Tratebas

Six days of 9 academic symposia, covering a wide range of topics relevant to some important aspects of research in Prehistoric Art; discussions; round tables; presentations of new finds; films; displays; exhibitions; museum visits; excursion and workshop on the rock art sites of the River Tom; opening and closing plenary session, gala-dinner, etc.

Symposia and chairmen :

1.Theory and methods. J. Sher, J.-C. Gardin
2. Prehistoric art and archaeological context. Z. Abramova, J. Clottes
3. Prehistoric art and natural environment. E. Devlet, NN
4. Archetypes, universals and analogies in prehistoric art of the world. M. Lorblanchet, NN
5. Style and chronology. B. Molodin, D. Sacchi
6. Ancient art of the Eurasian steppes. H.-P. Francfort, A. Martynov.
7. Rock Art, ethnography and religion. D. Savinov, D. Seglie.
8.Sexual scenes in prehistoric art: Myth or reality? P. Bahn, NN
9. Preservation and presentation of prehistoric art. N. Franklin, E. Miklashevich

Round tables :

1. Prehistoric Art and education. D.Seglie
2. The past, present and future of Tomskaya Pisanitsa (site and museum). G. Martynova
3. Subject and composition in prehistoric art. M. Devlet

Exhibition-discussion :

Enigmatic images. O. Sovetova


Papers and languages :

The time limit for papers is 20 minutes. The official languages of the Congress will be Russian and English. Abstracts of papers (max. 400 words) should be submitted in Russian or English (preferably, but French, Italian, Spanish and German will also be allowed) up to 15 March 1998. Abstracts will be published in the Conference book.

Tours and excursions :

There will be a number of pre- and post-conference tours lasting from 4 to 10 days. It will be possible to see the numerous rock art sites of Southern and Eastern Siberia, as well as the museums, monuments, ethnographical sights and beautiful landscapes.

Elena Miklashevich, secretary of SAPAR,
Dept of Archaeology, Kemerovo State University, Krasnaya Street 6,
Kemerovo 650043, RUSSIA
or by e-mail to: root@arch.kemgu.kemerovo.