The name of the entity shall be the International Federation of Rock Art Organizations (IFRAO).

IFRAO shall:
Section 1. Provide guide-lines for global standards of rock art study, conservation, recording and
inventorying (documenting and assessing).
Section 2. Serve as a clearing house for the dissemination of rock art data.
Section 3. Encourage intellectual and monetary support of rock art projects endorsed by IFRAO.
Section 4. Promote high scholarly standards of rock art research and publication.
Section 5. Undertake educational programs with the public to help ensure maximal appreciation
and protection of rock art resources;

Section 1. Members of IFRAO are organisations, not individuals. Application for membership
will be by written request of the organisation's head to the IFRAO Convener.
Section 2. Organisations applying for membership should have professional standing and be
corporate entities or have official recognition of their country's cultural authority.
Section 3. An organisation will be admitted into IFRAO by a majority vote of existing affiliated
organizations conducted by the Convener. The vote may be cast at an authorised IFRAO
meeting or by mail.

Section 1. Exchange of information and copyright options of IFRAO periodicals shall be
encouraged within an integrated network, subject to approvals by authors concerned.
Section 2. Information about rock art-related subjects, such as deontology and rock art
conservation, will be regularly issued.
Section 3. Reports and bulletins announcing recent discoveries, current news and other
developments of concern or interest to the discipline shall be released on a regular
basis by IFRAO.

Section 1. IFRAO shall be administered by a Convener or caretaker organiser elected by
a majority of votes of the organisational representatives. Term of office is indefinite.
Section 2. The Convener may recommend his/her successor, subject to a confirmation
vote of two-thirds of the member organisations.
Section 3. The business of IFRAO will be conducted at meetings presided over by the
President. The President shall be the host organisation's representative at an authorised
international meeting.
Section 4. If the Convener cannot attend an authorised IFRAO meeting he/she may delegate
the Chairperson to act on his/her behalf.
Section 5. If the President cannot conduct a meeting he/she may delegate responsibilities
to an official IFRAO Representative in attendance, subject to the approval of the delegates present.

Section 1. An authorised meeting of IFRAO representatives shall be convened no later than four
years from the previous meeting.
Section 2. A majority of votes of organisational Representatives of IFRAO is required to sanction
an upcoming meeting.
Section 3. A year's notice must be given to convene an authorised meeting.
Section 4. Each organisation of IFRAO is allowed representation by one voting delegate.
Section 5. A delegate may represent more than one IFRAO organisation and may cast votes
for each organisation the delegate represents.
Section 6. Each organisation may select a delegate to participate at an authorised IFRAO
meeting by whatever internal process it chooses. The name of the delegate is then sent to
the Chairperson with a copy to the Convener. If the organisation does not notify the
Chairperson prior to the meeting of the identity of its authorised delegate, the head of that
affiliated organisation may serve as its Representative. If the head is not present, the chief
executive officer of the organisation may serve as its Representative. If neither are present,
an officer of the organisation or a trustee of the organisation's board of directors may
serve as the organisation's Representative.
Section 7. Agenda items to be considered at an authorised IFRAO meeting are to be submitted
to the President with a copy to the Convener.
Section 8. The invitation of observers at an authorised IFRAO Business Meeting must be
by prior mutual consent of official Representatives.
Section 9. The preparation and distribution of the minutes of an authorised IFRAO meeting
is the responsibility of the President. Minutes will be published no later than six months
from termination of the meeting.
Section 10. The quorum of a meeting shall be more than fifty per cent of membership.

Any questions of procedure not covered within this constitution shall be controlled by
the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order.

The central office of IFRAO shall be the current address of the Convener.

IFRAO shall be unincorporated. It is not a financial entity and shall not deal with corporate
funds nor make a profit.

This constitution may be amended, repealed or expanded by a quorum of representatives
from constituent affiliated organisations of IFRAO at an authorised meeting.
Written proposals for such changes must be submitted by mail to all constituent
organisations and must bear a postmark at least forty-five days prior to the first announced
day of the meeting. Editorial revisions and clerical alterations of submitted proposed
changes can be considered and approved at the meeting.