The IFRAO-Brepols series

The pre-Historic rock art of the world has been studied for centuries, but until very recently much of this endeavour has yielded little more than subjective contemporary re-interpretations of ancient symbolic systems. In recent years a specific research discipline has begun to emerge in this field, intended to examine the development of human cognition. The International Federation of Rock Art Organisations (IFRAO) is the main force behind the campaign of rendering rock art studies more rigorous, transforming the topic into a scientific pursuit. With the beginning of the 21st century Brepols, a major scholarly publishing house in Belgium, joined IFRAO in an effort to establish an imprint satisfying the aims of both these partners: to publish the world’s best academic work in the field of rock art research. The IFRAO-Brepols imprint is intended to set the standard for the international discipline in the new century. An editorial committee comprising some of the world’s foremost scholars in the field, representing all continents, safeguards the scientific calibre of the volumes published in this series. It is endeavoured to assemble with this collection a library of the most authoritative work available on pre-historic art.

Volume 1 
Robert G. Bednarik

Rock art science: the scientific study of palaeoart

Volume 2
Bednarik, Consens, Muzzolini, Sher,
Seglie, Simões de Abreu

a multilingual

Volume 3 
Robert G. Bednarik

ROCK ART AND EPISTEMOLOGY: courting sophistication

The IFRAO-Brepols Editorial Committee

Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

Professor Paul Bouissac (Canada)

Dr K. K. Chakravarty (India)

Dr Jean Clottes (France)

Dr Mario Consens (Uruguay)

Professor Tang Huisheng (China)

Dr Dirk Huyge (Belgium)

Dr Jean-Loïc Le Quellec (France)

Dr Alfred Muzzolini (France)

Professor Roy Querejazu Lewis (Bolivia)

Professor Dario Seglie (Italy)

Professor Yakov Sher (Russia)

Dr Anne Solomon (South Africa)

Professor Jack Steinbring (USA) SteinbringJ@Mail.Ripon.EDU